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Aelflaed's Letter

To Gerard de Nimes,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a while since we spoke last, and I hope you have learned much in your studies since then. Books are such a precious source of knowledge, but each is but finite in what it can impart, and there comes a time when one must move on to further works.

I have recently come into possession of some further texts which may interest you, on a variety of subjects. Many of them are in Greek, but I am sure we can come to some arrangement in order to translate them into a more suitable script.

Myself, I am always after new acquisitions for my collection, and would much appreciate a trade of books. As you are no doubt aware, my tastes range into most subjects. Especially of interest to me are any works you may know of concerning the traditions of the English cunning folk. I most recently came across a very interesting young lady who seemed to have a knowledge of the world that is beyond my own understanding. She is not the first I have come across who has shown an ability which can only be described as 'magical', and defies description according to the writings of such men as Aristotle.

Anyway, should you be in London at anytime, feel free to leave word with Walter at his bookshop on London Bridge. He will get word to me and we can arrange dinner some time, and maybe come to some agreement concerning the exchange of books.


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