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Letter to Alfreena

My Dearest Alfreena,

It is with deepest regret that I must write to you this day, though I feel that it is my duty to do so, for I have been passed news of the darkest kind, which is of a matter of great import to you. Your daughter is dead. She died at the hands of her murderers some nine days ago, at the behest of one calling himself Lord Winterstoke.

He is a vain and arrogant ruler in these parts, seeking power and influence within the Kingdom beyond that which is rightfully his. I know that you and Ainya have not spoken for some years, but I also know that you still greatly loved her, and she you. You would have been proud of her - she had your spirit and courage, and none of the vulger mannerisms of her father.

She had organised a group of skogsra, as well as many mortals, to stand up and oppose Lord Winterstoke. She caused him much aggravation, fomenting resistance where before had only been fear. Winterstoke had her kidnapped from under the noses of her followers. It is said that they abused and tortured her before allowing her the dignity of death.

Since she has gone, her followers have dispersed, initially falling prey to petty bickering, and now they are back to living in fear. Lord Winterstoke's men now roam his lands openly, and none dare oppose him. I fear he could bring much harm to the wild folk of the region.

I am sorry that the only news I can bring you after all this time is bad, and you have my deepest sympathies during your time of grief.

Your everlasting friend,


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