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Full Thrust Outposts

Starting to flesh out some rules for planetary installations in Full Thrust, in order to allow attacks on planets as part of a fleet battle. Some battles are fought over something, so it could be nice to model that 'something'. I already have rules for Planets in Full Thrust, which make use of the vectored movement rules to simulate gravity wells, and there have been some ideas for attacking ground targets from space on these pages, but now I think it's time to start thinking about the other side of the scenario - planets attacking ships from the ground.

The difficulty is balancing things. Ships have the big advantage that they can move, so if they have longer ranged weapons, they sit just outside of the planet's weapon ranges and bombard from afar. An atmosphere will prevent this to some extent, and giving a longer range to planet based weapons will also help, but in the end fighter defences will probably be the ultimate cure to this problem.

At some point there also needs to be room for a planetary invasion - landing forces on the surface to take an outpost by force - without resorting to running a small Dirtside or Stargrunt game alongside Full Thrust.

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