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2010/10/21 - Halo Devices

End of last session: Green sky faeries. Have cleared out the orc encampment.

Two months pass. Back home.

Emergency call from Frost to meet in the upper hive. Lots of dead bodies here, lower classes. Arbiters are here.

Fight between two gangs - Grey Skulls, Gangreen Gang. Latter ran off, former fought all the way into the basement, now dead. There was something found in the basement.

Arbiter in charge is a Marshal, which is pretty high ranking. Down in basement, flickering lights. Two dead Arbiter, gun shot wounds directly to face.

Dead body of Grey Skull. Head and hand charred/melted. Bits of plastic by hand. He shot the arbiters, was shot at in returning fire and head and hand exploded. Whatever he was holding (probably a gun) exploded, taking his hand with it.

Two gangs are relatively minor, been involved in turf war. Haven't been in upper hive before. Grey Skulls have been winning.

Through a door… Mad Sciencist lab. Cogitators, machines moving in strange patterns, big glass vats one has a naked man in it. Machines that go ping. About 20 skulls mounted on hooks. One finished serviter skull, some others half finished. Atypical design, different from Imperial Servator design. Has metal over it, artistic not armour.

Comms device - calls to various stolen comms or medical providers. Some dead bodies in waste.

Small statue in glass jar of felinoid entity, similar to that in the House of Dust.

One of Arbiters breaks a glass vial, some mercury like substance falls on floor. Starts to grow. Seems to be eating the ground, and spreading. Was in a glass vial with metal circuitry round the outside. Seems to eat anything else. Shocking it causes it to grow quickly.

Trick shoots vat with body, breaking it. Body has Halo device around neck (like cat in House of Dust). Water from vat washes it everywhere. Fire and plasma is able to destroy it.

Talk to Gangreen. They tell us where Grey Skulls are. Someone called “The Doc”. Outside who turned up, they were protecting him. Guy in vat was Ryan. Some people have claimed to see the dead walking.

Race that made the Halo Devices may predate the Eldar. User needs to consume blood and flesh. Very hard to kill, may require full body destruction. Lose humanity over time.

We raid the Grey Skulls den. Find a semi-secret door in their dodgy bar. Rocky tunnel beyond it, probably very old mine, Meet four gang members. They have gun implants. All are killed, Zuriel slices one gun cable before killing the guy. All the other's head and gun explodes.

Move onwards, meet another guy who is shot. Further on, guy with big gun firing bullets of silvery eating metal. Peri shoots him with melta gun, he is still standing and fires back, missing. Cain tries, his bullet bounces. Peri tries and misses. Cain tries and takes it down.

Next guy has chainsword of silver metal. Trick and Zuriel take him down. Big room full of shelves and boxes. Lots of little skull servitors. Big critter with long claws. Zuriel and critter fight, Zuriel is hurt a lot but wounds it. Peri finishes it off after Zuriel collapses from poisoned wounds.

Zuriel taken away for examination for Inquisitors. Others clear up.

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