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2011/01/13 - Pink and Purple

Zuriel turns up in time to get into the shuttle (which very definitely does not have a bomb in it) which heads down to the planet where our archeologist has been visiting.

There is a shuttle in a large clearing amongst huge trees. Looks like the shuttle has landed here several times. There is a well worn trail leading off into the forest.

Some wandering around, find ruins of a place. Wraith bone structure, part of it domed. Energy readings coming from the area. Various gemstones embedded into the walls of the building. There is interference here that impacts our comms gear.

Inside, there is a glowing blue ring in the floor, 2m across. Power readings are coming from here. There is eldar runic inscriptions on the floor. Ring brightens if anyone approaches it. Whilst Peri is yelling at Trick not to approach any further, Cain moves in close to the ring and a bright curtain of light reaches up to the ceiling, reflecting off to make a map on the floor.

It is evil.

The map includes the shuttles and us. There are scrolling symbols next to these things.

There is another group of symbols off to the southwest, though there is some sort of interference, possibly due to something warpy.

We rest for the night.

Morning, we head off to where the others are. We sneak off to find a clearing with more wraith bone ruins. Over to one side there are some cages and silvery tents with spikes on top.

There is a humanoid figure in armour carrying a nasty looking rifle covered in spikes. Looks like a dark eldar. He spots Zuriel, who dashes across to the tents into cover. Whilst Cain shoots him from cover, Zuriel finds another Eldar and leaps towards him, cutting him and dodging a swing from the spiky rifle, A third runs out from a tent and charges with a sword. Zuriel dodges, then cuts both down. All three are dead.

In the cage are two humans, one of which is Salamandar, the other his pilot. Apparently the pilot has been helping the eldar ferry stuff. There are some crates with strange boxes which are very heavy until a button is pressed on them.

We take the two devices and head back to the shuttle with the two guys. We are being followed. Zuriel hangs back and hides. Two Eldar pass, the rear one dies but the first notices and shoots and misses. The second one dies. At this point others move in from the sides onto the main group.

There is an eldar with a gun and sword. His gun is an evil flamer, which aims at the main group. Our two rescued prisoners die. He then drops that and draws a smaller gun when Zuriel charges him which fires a purply pinky ray which seemed to do nasty things. Zuriel and Trick fight him, whilst the others deal with his minions. He is very good and dodging and parrying, and manages to shoot and hit Trick. Zuriel hurts him, he vanishes, then appears back in the same spot shortly afterwards. He also has some sort of shield.

Trick and Zuriel hurt him, then Cain shoots him twice in the head. His head explodes and he goes down.

The devices begin to beep. We run back towards the shuttles, which takes a couple of hours.

Fly up to the station, and locate the bombs there by tracking the interference. Cain finds one, and manages to disarm it, The rest of us find the second, but Trick throws it to Zuriel and misses. It hits the floor hard and starts doing something. Out of ideas, Zuriel stabs it with his sword. It sort of goes off in a little explosion of wierdness which causes a small hull breach, but we otherwise survive.

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