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2011/02/03 - Victus

We return to the space station at Karthid without further incident. Peri and Cain go down to the planet to investigate the eldar ruins. Zuriel stays aboard the station where things are more comfortable and he can spend time practising.

An adept called Victus turns up to meet with Peri, sent by Inquisitor Frost. Apparently he is joining our group to provide psychic backup. He seems to be completely without field experience. This is worrying. In other news, Trick has returned back to Scintilla with some of the notes and evidence. Cain and I try to fill him in a bit on what has been happening.

We are going to Sepheris Secundus, where there is an imperial navy frigate 'Refulgent Fury' which has been bombing the planet after some strange things started happening not far from where we were investigating before. It may have something to do with Machine Cultists.

As soon as we arrive, Peri arranges for many crates of Tosk and crab milk to be delivered to our ship.

Refulgent Fury - Captain Armstrong

Peri goes to meet the Captain to interview him. They received a request to bombard some coordinates from the Queen, and they did so. They have no idea what was destroyed, if anything. No records of any mining activity in the area. There were three settlements, now there is nothing.

Talking to one of the Queen's advisors. They had lost communication contact with the valley. Nasty things happened to those that went to have a look (they fell over and died whilst reporting in, possibly something airborne), so the Queen ordered a bombardment.

Peri requisitions a gun cutter from the Refugent Fury for taking down to the valley. And armoured void suites.

There is a shuttle landed in the valley, we land next to it. It appears empty, but many tracks, possibly half a dozen, leading off. Do find barefooted tracks crossing the others. We open up the shuttle and have a look. It is a typical Adeptus Mechanicus shuttle.

Following the tracks, we come across a figure dressed in a shifting garment of black and white diamond patterns sitting atop a rock. It has a silver skull mask and doesn't have bare feet. When challenged as to his identity, he breaks into poetry.

He then names everyone: Cain: The Shield of Man Victus: The Two Edged Seer Zuriel: The Blade of Light Peri: She of Many Faces who will stand between us and He of None

He then falls over dead.

Follow the tracks. Find a camp with half a dozen guys, with a Tech Priest. Megos Filo Ex.

Peri and the others walk openly into the camp, whilst Zuriel skulks around outside.

Megos insists that his reasons here are private to the Adeptus Mechanicus. He claims that the area is safe. He says he cannot discuss certain things.

There is some discussion, then he wanders off to think.

Zuriel sneaks around the camp to a cleft in the rock where they appear to be moving some things. Going into a tunnel, there is a shiny metal doorway which has a wibbly shimmery field across it. It has unrecognised runes around the doorway. Not wanting to go through the wibbly thing, Zuriel heads out and finishes scouting the edge of the camp.

Megos: Adrenti tech very foul, including gene perversions. Linked to Serated Query and to the Eldar. The leader of the Serated Query was known as the Faceless One.

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