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2011/02/17 - In a Quarry

We are still in a quarry. Peri and Victus discuss the poetry that was thrown at us earlier.

Peri makes an agreement with Megos to go look in the wibbly wobbly thing, Zuriel stays outside, skulking around the camp. Turns out that he's not the only one skulking around the camp, so he tries to creep up on whoever or whatever is out there. Whatever it is, seems to be coming closer, giving the impression that both of us are trying to be quiet and neither are quite succeeding.

Someone charges him, a bare footed barbarian with a wooden spear and with strange metal bits sticking out of his flesh. Zuriel hits him lightly a couple of times and he falls over dead.

Peri and the others come out of the wibbly wobbly door, and give some recommendations to the Priests on how to best blow up what was behind the door. They then come over to investigate the corpse.

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