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2011/03/14 - Unobtainium Quest

We jump into the warp. All is calm. Up on the bridge, one of the machines is going 'sproing' occassionally. Apparently there are some random energy flucuations.

During the flight back, Zuriel helps train Cain in some melee techniques.

The power system gets progressively worse, but we finally make it out of warp space. After discovering that we aren't quite where we should be, the power fails completely. Emergency lights come on for a while, before some power is restored.

It appears that we haven't managed to go very far. Something was possibly dragging us back. We are in a star system however, though there doesn't seem to be much in the way of civilisation here. The problems seem to be that some of the power systems had been damaged by the black fire that engulfed the ship when it was stuck in the 'rabbit hole'.

The systems can be repaired, but require a few minerals and things which we need to go down to the planet to find.

A power source is detected down on the planet, which appears to be a fusion reactor. The power signature of the reactor seems to be fluctuating, and Peri detects a pattern to the fluctuations. There is a message hidden in the fluctuations, which is mostly corrupted by the words “blood of Harloc” can be made out. The reactor probably has the parts that we require.

We go down in a shuttle, landing 1.5km from the reactor. There is think jungle all around, and it's difficult to find a suitable clearing. There is the sound of some large animal tracking us. Then there is the sound of something very large charging towards us, and an ambull bursts into view. About 3-4m tall, and seems hungry. Cain and Peri shoot it as it charges, and it falls to the ground, dead.

There is a rumbling, and a 2nd bursts from the ground right next to Zuriel, who stabs it a killing blow before it can do anything.

We head off towards the reactor again, eventually reaching it. It is partially overgrown, and there are some vegetable gardens planted in the grounds. Going into the building, there is a large hall with stained glass windows like a chapel. There are living quarters off from here. Apart from a table set for eight, and fresh vegetables etc, there is no sign of anyone.

There is a library here. And at the top of a tower a floating glowing ball.

At the bottom of the tower is a round room with doors all around. Behind one door is a cupboard, with occult garments and items in it. There is a stone staircase which goes down further. In the middle of the room is a raised rim of mettle with a heavy covering (like a silo lid). Engraved on it is a spider symbol. There is a hand reader next to the lid.

Doing another scan of the transmissions from the reactor at this point, we can make out one more word - “beware”.

Peri sticks her hand on the hand scanner, and the silo opens to reveal another staircase going down.

Making sure that our people are settled in above, we follow Peri down to find another door at the bottom. Behind that is a big room. It is another round room, with a door on the other side. Around the room are statues of figures on plinths in various poses. Some aren't quite human. About 20 statues, and some plinths are empty. A few are labelled with names.

“Josephine Harlock”, a humanoid female face on a snake like body with three arms and claws.

“Suzanna Harlock”, a named plinth but unoccupied.

Scanning the statues, there are some metals which can't be identified by the auspex scanner. It probably needs a software upgrade.

In the middle of the room is also a large marble summoning circle inlaid into the floor.

Beyond the door is a wood pannelled and carpeted corridor, about 5m wide and very long. There is a hum from ahead. Going along the corridor, there are mirrors along the side of the corridor. The others start talking to the mirrors. They are possibly possessed, or suffering some tricks of the mind.

Zuriel hits one of the.mirrors with Xenosbane. It doesn't shatter, but the lights in the corridor flicker.

Apparently Victus and Peri saw images that weren't mere reflections which conversed with them.

Beyond the mirrors there is a passage off which goes down to a big security door, with another hand scanner which Zuriel uses to open. Beyond the door is a void shield which blocks access to some sort of control room. Inside the shielded area is a dead guy hunched over a control panel. He has a hole in his back.

Victus turns into a badger and tries to tunnel under the shield. It is protected from below however.

We go off to explore. Victus comes charging round the corridor and slams the door. A large humanoid servitor machine smashes in through the door. Zuriel charges in, hits it and bounces. He backs off to allow the others to try.

Peri blasts it, and causes some damage. It goes for Victus and misses.

Zuriel steps in and tries the grappling rules…

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