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2011/04/04 - Tick Tock

There is a discussion about trying to communicate with our attackers rather than having to kill all of them, since that could take ages. We glue our comms gear to their comms gear, so we can talk to them indirectly without getting ortillery striked.

We get in contact with Inquistor Rothe, who seems to be of the opinion that it's okay for him to attack members of the Inquisition, and that we are to surrender to him. We demand his surrender. Athenas makes some indirect accusations which none of the rest of us understand. Apparently they come to a decision for us to meet with his psyker in a couple of hours.

We head back towards the building, where our crew is still huddling. It is pointed out at this point that three crew have been killed, and that they all have clockwork internals. Whilst Cain and Athenas go off to investigate the final room, Zuriel and Victus take the Tech Priest to another room. On realising that he is mostly metal, we grab another crew member instead. Cutting his arm open, there is clockwork beneath. Zuriel slits his throat.

Zuriel then cuts his own arm, and finds just flesh and blood. Victus heals him, then allows Zuriel to cut him open. Victus is flesh and blood as well. He heals himself. We bring the Tech Priest out to examine the body, and whilst examining the corpse he seems to start malfunctioning. Zuriel beheads him. Victus suddenly gets paranoid and runs off. Zuriel heads back to the rest of the crew and slaughters them. They turn out to also have been clockwork.

Possibly, the entire ship was replaced whilst we were down the rabbit hole. Which means we need to destroy our ship as well.

Zuriel heads off to find the other three. We get to the final room as coloured lights begin to spill out of it. Athenas does something with the controls, and opens a couple of gateways to somewhere else. Zuriel goes through one, there is a dark passage that goes on for a long way. Zuriel himself seems to glow, and is the only light here.

After about 30 minutes of finding nothing else, he waits for the others to catch up. After some time, he gives up and heads back towards the entrance. Several hours later, he finds them. It would appear that they aren't glowing, and that they think only a short amount of time has passed. He turn around and start heading back deeper into the passage.

We eventually come to a split, between a narrow, normal and wide passage. We follow the wide passage, which is getting lighter. There seems to be a strange difference in time perception between us. 20 minutes later for Zuriel appears to be a day later for Victus.

Athenas thinks she can navigate through these passages to another world. Victus is not doing well, since he thinks that he has been going on for days.

Then Zuriel is attacked by hordes who are killing his comrades. He summons the power of the Emperor and turns some of the attackers to dust, then draws his sword and slays more of them in a furious rage. Then the images vanish and he is back in the corridor.

10 seconds of walking later we get to a part of the corridor where the wall is slightly fainter. It is still solid however. Athenas cuts herself and places blood on the wall, then it fades and beyond is a metallic corridor. It has the wonderful smell of a hive world. We think it is Gun Point.

Eventually we get to an inhabited part, and find water for Victus and some cloaks and things for the rest of us. With some suitable bribes, we make it up towards the space port.

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