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2011/05/02 - Bored Now

Still stuck in a library watching Athenas read. It's boring. Victus turns up and joins her in reading. More boring stuff doesn't happen.

Eventually they get bored and we go back to Scintilla. Zuriel manages to obtain some Chameleoline Enforcer Light Carapace armour.

Athenas hires a navigator called Segul Prinn to figure out where to navigate to.

Athenas invites us all over for dinner.

There seems to have been an increase in the number of missing people and vandalism against church property. Many of them close to the spaceport. There seems to be an additional person going missing every couple of days. Zuriel and Trick go down to the local incinerators. Manage to get access to the security people here, though the manager is very obstructive. After some time in interviews, get called by the employees to see the manager - who is on the phone and dead, his body oozing with fungi.

We call in clean up crew.

Information from security et al, there were some breakins some 18 months ago. The manager's personality changed around that time as well. There is a nightwatchmen who lived on site, in a shed. There are bones and other remains here. No sign of the occupent. It would seem he has fled and probably gone to ground elsewhere. We leave things to Trick to follow up on at a later date.

We prepare to board a small, fast ship and leave to who knows where.

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