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2011/05/23 - Pyramids of War

The defence system stops firing at us once we leave the room.

Head back to find a different route. Follow a dark passage which leads into a large round stone room which is lit. It is 500m across, with four alcoves and a stone pillar in the middle. There seems to be a hole/window in the far wall.

RThe alcoves have carvings on the walls, they look a bit like artistic star maps. A large beetle scuttles out from the central pillar. The star maps seem to have lots of information encoded into it for each system.

Looking through the window, it looks out into a flat chamber. In the black 'sky' are floating glowing pyramids, atop of which are green crackling crystals. Go down a long flight of stairs that take us out into this chamber. There is no way to guess the scale of the pyramids. Another beetle scuttles out of a hole and back down the corridor.

We head back, and continue on to a brighly lit room which has floating platforms connected by walkways. There are featureless devices on each of the platforms. One of the panels on the devices flashes momentarily with symbols.

We can't figure out how the devices work, so head back to the room with the floating pyramids. We head down and out across the chamber. We pass maybe 30 or so of these things. We come to.a transparant crystal wall. On the other side, is a huge pit, with a huge crystal which rises up.

There is a slot in the wall which matches Athenia's key. Programing random symbols, Athenia teleports us to an airless world, jumps back, then a windy world.

The windy world has buildings in a deserty place. Most of the buildings are ruined.

We wander through the sand for about an hour, following readings on our scanner. There are some metal buildings, a couple of joined cylinders with a dish on top of one of them. We go into the buildings.

An armoured cloaked figure carrying a polearm comes into the room. They have a helmet with glowing lights at the front. Cloak is metallic. It strikes at Zuriel, who dodges, draws his swords and strikes back. His blows are deflected by a glowing shield around the figure.

Cain hits it, and it falls over. Zuriel beheads it. Inside the helmet, is an elven-like face.

Going through the door armoured guy came through, is a room full of very non-Imperial machines.

In the other room, is a lift going down with unnaturally advanced controls. Cain and Zuriel go down. There's a couple of levels, then it drops further down a long way, down to a big chamber full of buildings. We call the others down to join us.

Whilst they argue over a dagger, Cain and Zuriel sneak towards the buildings. There seems to be movement in there, possibly a humanoid walking around. The building is almost pyramind shaped, with a cut-off roof. There is writing on the building, possibly some administration building according to Athenia.

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