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2011/06/13 - Nuke the Site From Orbit

All is quite. We examine the controls in here, which are all of alien manufacture. The walkways which head in towards the centre of the wibbly thing have control panels at the end of them, which allow the walkway to be extended a bit further right up to the wibbly rift of energy. Only one walkway can be extended at a time.

Looking at the other towers, they are mostly similar to the one we fought in. One has a floating disc inside, which Zuriel finds. It has basic controls for floating around. We use it to get down to the ruined pyramind. We find our way into it. It looks very similar to the one we started off in when we arrived on the planet. Many of the sarcophogi seem to have been destroyed in here. There is a teleport point in here. It appears slightly damage, but it seems mostly superficial. However it can't be activated with the key that we have.

Something wraith like lunges out of the darkness and attacks Zuriel. It has a skull like face, and is slightly larger than human size, having a torso and a spine that seems to fade away to nothing. It appears to be made of metal, so at least partially solid. Zuriel dodges, then strikes back. A blow to its skull causes it to fade away.

There is a plan to fit a meltabomb on the beam mirror, and use other grenades to blow up other parts of the machinery. We set timers on the explosives, and use the flying discs (we found a second one) to fly out of the caverns and get to the teleporter up on the surface. We use it. It takes us back to the original pyramid.

We make our way back to where we teleported down from our ship. From there, we make it back up to the ship. They are somewhat surprised when we appear back, and there is some explaining to do…

We head back down to the planet, and check the teleporter. We can no longer dial to the location we came from, so presumably that site has been destroyed.

There is one teleporter location left to investigate. Once this one has been destroyed, then the links attaching the warp mind (or whatever the thing in the Dark Zone was) to a stable location should be broken. At least, according to Athenias.

We teleport to the last location. It is a grassy knoll with trees and a nice orange sky. There are animals and birds and other harmless animals. Taking a lift up on one of the discs, we scout out the area. A long way away, there is a large lake with an island in it. On the island are some white buildings. In the sky, is a main star and a second much smaller star.

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