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2010/12/09 - Possession is nine tenths of the Law

Well, this has been a great day to follow on from the previous great night.

Caine has managed to get himself possessed somehow. Worrying, given the large amount of weaponry and the fact that he is the only other decent sniper in the Party and he's sneaky. With Veyda I would hear her coming and could shoot her a lot before she got to melee and I can run faster. I was already worried about Zuriel after the Mister Stabby incident so somehow the Cain thing seems worse. However I have seen the footage and read the glyphs on his face and they were definitely binding and communication, related to the Ruinous Powers.

I also have the disturbing image of that stupid sod and his toy. Torturing a childhood toy to get information seems somehow wrong. I am deeply hoping that is isn't some sign of the moral reform that Inquisitor Frost promised me when he recruited me after the Thing I Did. I doubt that I can cope with that. What's wrong with a code of ethics based on proactive vendetta and Noblesse Oblige anyway. It worked for the rest of my House for centuries; that why we're still here and other people are not.

At least I had one quiet conversion with Jessica. Blackmail is so much easier when people have manners and understand how this kind of thing should be done. She was able to fill in some details on the Amaranthine Syndicate and what happened in the Hasaroth Abyss. She knew her losses had probably been due to the Syndicate, but sensibly considered that joining them was the easiest way to get back to profitability. She has reviewed that position based on her new understanding that the Syndicate is a tool for the Xenos.

At least we still have the last bit of the missing Acessor. Don't know what it is but I do know that Tregor del Salamade investigated it.

Will try to palm the problem of the Joyous Choir off onto the Ecclesiarchy tomorrow.

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