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2011/07/25 - The Tower of Barad Dur

We quest onwards My, my the Champion does enjoy championing Now in the rurals, all trees and inbred yokels Unfortunately we have learned to understand the locals Thankfully we are having a random encounter in a desolate vale The wizzard updates his map with “there be donkeys” The donkey has a cart with some barrels of a delicious fruity beverage Champion sends a minion to investigate who finds the driver died of “Bandits” Philbert (a minion) looks at the tracks and says that there were six bandits We're probably looking for elves - the bandits are lithe and use bows. The minions set up camp The wizzard looks into the future to see if his map will come out right. He seems to have replaced his ODC about demons with one about maps.

Wizzard wants to possess someone; need to keep an eye on that tendency.

In the forest - its daark but we smell smoke. Then we hear noise Victus can't sneak or do psynicence

We rescue a maiden so the donkey barbeque isn't going to happen Victus doesn't fancy bandit barbeque

We arrive at the crossroad and go south We come to a stream. The stream forms a barrier to the Blasted Heathland where the tower is Apparently the tower is in the valley of the spires We may have arrived

We walk a long way up the tower. After two rests we arrive at another area with four Adrante Bastards

We go back down and arm up and charge The Adrante do't go before us.

Xuriel hits one who doesn't charge Cain uses the Tau pulse rifle. He gets three hits in and the guy falls over with a smoking hole in his chest I get dodged Two guys try to shoot Cain because he has a good gun Cain dodges the energy bolts Xuriel kills his guy Cain autofires again and its smoking boots time I get dodged again; I hate these guys The last guy charges Cain Xuriel charges the last guy Cain pulls his sword and kills the guy Victus wizzards up the wall

We decide the pulse rifle shoots lentils at near light speed. After all its some kind of heresy

We go into the tower and find a nine foot guy with space marine style armour frozen in ice We thaw out the guy and break off the ice Victus tries to heal him and gets hit by a mental aegis I try medicae We've killed Eloeth (the man who cannot be named) Frost appears and transforms to reveal himself as a glowing androgynous figure sheathed in black fire He is a servant of the tyrant star Zuriel cannot hit him Frost monologues and leaves

We go back to the ship with Eloeth The navigator has a mind wipe and doesn't remember the mission We go somewhere and get off the ship into a metal room It has windows into space There is a destroyer outside which looks strange. It has a crest of the deathwatch on it. We think it's a kill ship which does exterminatus missions I have written up my report just in case We are in the hands of the Deathwatch We got 1000xp

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