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At the monastry at the back of the temple of Hantai. There are some spider and zombie footprints leading away from the monastry into the snow. We move into the temple of Hantai itself for the night.

Fujiko and Xan Li have a big argument about who has the better civilisation. Xan Li is very insulting, and even pisses off Bortai.

The sound of flute playing can be heard, so we start heading towards it, which takes us to the Palace. Along the flute playing there is also a moaning sound, like that of someone being tortured. The flute playing stops at the point there is a final scream.

Aki scouts ahead to find out where the noise is coming from. He sees the Abbot staked out on a frame, and his skin has been ripped off his forearm. THere is a hag like female who is bending over his back who basically has sharp long claw like fingernails who has lifted up his skin. She seems to be taking tatoos off the abbot and applying them to Diagotsu, who is standing there admiring it.

There are about two dozen goblins and a spider here as well.

There is a big fight. Xan Li earth to mudded the Oni and many of the goblins. There is much fighting, Diagotsu is killed, and we win the day. All the bad guys are burnt.

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