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We are currently underground. It is nice and cosy here. Fujiko wants to stay here for the winter in order to study the library. Bortai is not particularly happy about disturbing tombs. There is also the issue of having to dig through earth/stone walls whilst underground, without having the whole thing come down on our heads.

Figuring out how to dig into the tomb turns out to be harder than we thought. Without magic, or any skill at engineering, it could be very hard. Fujiko talks to Baojian to see if there is a tomb where we are thinking of digging. She says there is, and that it belonged to the The Jade Empress. Fujiko asks Baojian whether the spirits can help us into the tomb 1).

A bit later there is a rumbling noise coming from where Baoji is. Walking around to there, there is now a tunnel leading down to where we think the tomb is. At the end of the tunnel is a thin shimmering green film like layer. Text appears on the shimmering wall:

Cursed Prophecy,
Knowledge, Power,
Victory in Defeat,

Fujiko investigates the green stuff, and she saw a man dressed in animal skins with a hawk resting on his arm standing on a high place launching the hawk into the sky.

Bortai goes through the veil, and hears something. The sound of thunder, the sound of thousands of horses at a gallop. Looks like things are hinting at a horde of horseman.

We go through to the tomb. It is much smaller than the last one. There are only a few statues of individuals - no big armies. The statues are of each of the Kami. Fu Leng is there as well. So is the 10th one that died in his father's stomach, plus the one who died at oblivion's gate. Plus there is Kikita and someone wearing the Otaku Mon. Plus the first empress.

There is a little building in the middle of the tomb. It has four doors, each with a jade plaque. They look remarkably like the one we saw originally. All are present and correct.

Fujiko takes one of the plaques from one of the doors and senses the last person to handle it. She becomes seriously depressed by the spirit of Hantai. She sits down and considers suicide.

Inside is a plinth. There is a suit of armour made up of jade armour sewn together with gold wire. We reckon that there is a body in the Jade suit of armour. On its chest is a small jade scroll case. It's more like a 3D mosaic than a suit of armour. Very figure hugging.

Bortai picks up the scroll case using a cloth in order to try not to ruin any magical imprints for Fujiko. There is a fleeting feeling of sorrow and loss. Open the scroll case, and there is a scroll inside.

I chose those who would know and plan

Against the time when
The future must be guarded,
The perfect number complete long planned dreams,
The Three’ed even act for hope,

And I knew my actions were flawed but inevitable

Against the time when
The world would be unmade
The world would be remade
The world will be made again 

And I told them truth in lies of honey

Against the time when
The Secret destroy their first success,
The Forgotten is remembered,
The Incurable is healed,

And I knew my long held plans would fail, despite all striving

Against the time when 
The Dead live, 
The Undying dies
The Phoenix loves,

And I knew the fear of what I could not prevent

Against the time when 
The Lost is found,
The Stranger has returned,
The Arbiter cannot choose,
And I knew that hope must be re-kindled

Against the time when,
The Empress’s child is Ruler,
The Traveller’s child is Master,
The Swordsman’s child is Leader

And I knew that hope must be bought, despite the price

Against the time when
The destroyed can be made whole
The wheel can be broken
The possibilities can be unmade

And I knew that chance alone can affect the outcome

Against the time when
The ancient hate acts through dead hands
The consequences played out are replayed
The blindness of duty constrains necessity

And I knew my last hope in the blindness of chance

Against the time when
The Truth will fail you
The Code will fail you
The only hope will be Honour

And I knew that hope lies with thee.

We leave the tomb and start arguing about where to go next. Probably going up to Phoenix lands and then Unicorn lands, to look for people who may know something about this prophecy.

Recap: Probably the jade funeral plaque came from this tomb, and we need to find out if it did. If it didn't, then the one that was stolen was a fake or replica or something. If it did come from here, then people have been poking around in important tombs, which could be very bad.
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