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Arrive at the Unicorn Moto camp. Have to go talk to the priests of Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, the Lord of Death. Go see elderly shugenja called Moto Hira who is one of these priests.

Long ago when they were the Ujikhai, they spoke a different language. Go gar means jade. Power available in the iron books, which the tribes had. The desert speaks to people. Show him the scroll. Comments on the paragraphs:

  • He thinks the perfect number is eight.
  • Doesn't know about the 2nd paragraph.
  • The old gods were forgotten. Remembered redeemed recently.
  • Oblivion's Gate.
  • ?
  • Traveller might be Shinjo
  • Swordsman: Miramoto?
  • Dead hands: Might be refering to the Moto

Get details on where the Ujikai came from. Primer on the death gods. Maps! Including maps of where water can be found in the burning lands.

He thinks the Shinjo know a lot about the foreigners. He gives us an introduction to a shinjo scholar called Eijiro. Gain a copy of a big book about gaijin arms and armour.

Bortai spends the winter resting with her family, and practising her skills.

We meet up with Fujiko and travel back through Scorpion lands. We come across a palaquin being attacked by Ronin, and defended by a scorpion samurai. The Scorpion is cut down as I charge the Ronin, cutting one in half. Fujiko helps to strike them down with fire, and Aki shoots them.

Inside the palaquin is a lady named Akiko, and she is a musician.

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