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The entire court is invited to a noh play which is being sponsored by the empress. It's pretty boring, though others seem reasonably interested.

Once it all finishes, we head off to look for the gunpowder. Fujiko asks some fire Kami to go looking for the gunpowder.

Tsuruchi Voshida comes to find us:

House of the Flying Pig. Two gentlemen dressed as Ronin approached him. If we are to find out what is going on, then we must meet the Etta this evening at the House of the Lotus. He also mentioned that: The Gaijin Powder is not being smuggled, secondly, a Scorpion is involved in blackmail. Also, they were dressed as Ronin. One was wearing the world's largest thatched cottage on his head, and carried a Yari. He sounds like the guy we saw in the swamp who was playing a flute.

His mate carried a Daisho, and considered him contemptable.

The term Scorpion wasn't actually used, but mention was made of an insect that would need to sting both ways.

Aki thinks the Etta is Sweeper, who told him about the tannery and Tori gate.

House of Lotus

Is a posh brothel and gambling den. It is a beautiful four story building with many balconies.

We meet with The Etta.

The ratlings call the pipe playing man The Arbiter. Sweeper considers him his lord.

A lot of money and other things have been leaving the city. Most of it is finding its way to the Dark Wave (bad Mantis). Gives us a list of city magistrates who have been turning a blind eye to stuff coming in.

The gunpowder is being supplied by the Dark Wave to the Chuda.

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