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We decide to hand our prisoner over to the Akodo. We're not sure whether we can trust him, given that half the city hierarchy is corrupt, but it's the best we can do.

I go to see him. When I get to his house, his mother grabs me for a quick meeting. Apparently she wants to begin marriage negotiations with my parents for me and the Adoko. I agree to this, of course all depending on how the contract actually works out. Could take years in any case.

Going to see the Akodo. Inform him that the magistrates have been accepting bribes in order to allow smuggling to go ahead. They have allowed a large amount of gunpowder (plus goblins) into the city, which has been planted around the central square. He makes a comment about being willing to step in if needed with the Imperial Legions. Why does that worry me? He also mentions that he has sent out his most trusted scouts to investigate the Etta village down in the valley, and that they found no sign of anything.

He agrees to take charge of our prisoner, and to keep him in the legion prisons. We arrange to get the prisoner carted out of the city unseen and I head back to my house.

Fujiko goes off to inform the Emporess about what has happened.

Akido and Voshida go off to investigate the valley.

The Akodo and myself head off to the legion garrison with the prisoner. The garrison is all ready for war. Very worrying.

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