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Standing around at the Imperial Garrison, get a mind message from Fujiko saying that strange things are going on and that the Empire is in danger, and to attend her and Aki at the palace. I grab weapons and armour and head down towards the palace to find her. Getting there, I find Aki who explains that they saw lots of ratlings and ogres dancing some magical jig down in the valley.

We head back down that way to…. I'm not sure why, but I think it's to see whether they are still there. Sezaru goes with us.

There is an Ashigaru here (the one with a big hat and a flute), with a dozen very old ratlings curled up at his feet. He gives me a sheet of paper folded in four and sealed. Just as I'm about to open it, he tells me not to. Asking what I'm supposed to do with it, he says that traditionally I should give it to the Scorpion who then sell it to the Phoenix. So I just give it to Sezaru in order to cut out the middle man.

He says there is an imbalance in the Celestial Harmony, and the Master of the Lost wants to exploit it. Master of the Lost is Digotsu, Master of the Shadowlands.

He says we should go find the Traveller, is the Son of Shinjo, aka the Traveller. He is currently outside of Rokugan.

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