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Have rescued the princess, now to figure out what to do next. Take her down to the wizard, where they cover her up and feed her tea. Fujiko comes down and gives her a detailed check over. She seems to be completely unblemished - not even a scratch or bruise. Fujiko casts Jade Strike on her, and Soto is a bit surprised, apparently more because he can't understand why Fujiko thinks the Arishia might be tainted. Apparently she is the The Chosen of Heaven, which seems to be mean that she will always be pure.

The cavern is starting to get a bit smokey.

Fujika and Aki go up into the tower of undead and look the place over. Fujiko detects the presence of evil spirits in the sarcophogi there, and some of them detect her presence as well.

There is a round of everything Jade Striking each other to prove that nobody is tainted.

Fujiko and Soto have a long discussion about magic, in particular how Soto uses Blood Magic without tainting himself. She starts to get ideas about finding out how to purify the Blood Magic of Rokugan.

Some time before dawn, when I am on watch, the sound of lots of things scuttling comes from down the corridor. Quickly waking everybody, I take a look to see a corridor full of glowing spiders, all heading in our direction at high speed. Fujiko sends a fireball down there, burning many of them, and quickly follows it up with a second ball of fire.

Out of the burning ruins of dead spiders, a huge spider scuttles. As it comes through the door, Aki and I hit it but fail to take it down. Unfortuneatly it bites me and I drop to the ground. Ouch.

Seeking out where these spiders came from, we head up the second tower which we haven't yet explored. There are a number of large spiders up here, as well as a giant queen laying eggs. Our shugenja summons down fire upon them, and as they try to escape those of us who can fight kill them as they pass.

Finally they are all slain, and we are left in a quiet tower, with the air even more stale.

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