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Still in the middle of a battle on the wall. Have to fight another Oni (six legs, four arms and lots of eyes) alone since all the Crab run away at the site of it. Kill it and put the men to shame.

After the battle, notice that jade is no longer being used in the wounds.

Following morning, Fujiko gets a tip off from the Daimyo's shugenja that something strange is happening in the castle garden. We go down to have a look. There are some Dragon here practising their Kata, and some people looking after the trees which produce jade tea. The trees are doing very well.

Apparently the people who used to steal jade from the tea haven't been for a while.

Spiritual investigations by Fujiko discovers that the trees have been 'fed' body parts as fertilizer until recently (maybe months ago). The Dragon leader is also hiding his nature (aura, self, wards?).

Guy in charge of castle supplies is Asuki Makardo. Go to check the supplies of Jade. Find out that most of it seems to have been destroyed.

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