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Daidoji Uji

Head of the Daidoji. Has access to the Prophecies of Uikku. He was famous during the Clan Wars which was 60 years ago, so he's quite old.

He says that he came here through the the realm of thwarted destiny. There is a world where Fu Leng succeeded. He says that he came from a world where Fu Leng succeeded. Everything fell to the darkness and was lost.

  • The Crab are proud masters of Shadow.
  • The Unicorn are warped and twisted gaijin, or dead.
  • The Lion are blood speakers.
  • The Phoenix are foul perverted magi

One of his last acts before going through to this world he was planning an attack on the Caliph, who was allied with Fu Leng. He is in gaijin lands. Uji draws us some maps to show us the way.

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