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Forbiddon City of Otasan Uchi

Get into the forbiddon city, to the old imperial palace. Everything is deserted, and full of snow. Looking for the temple of Hantai, which is what the tombs were originally next to. These were originally in the imperial palace, but the palace has grown a lot since the tombs were built a 1000 years ago.

Imperial throne room blasted, twisted and corrupted.

Meet some zombies and skeletons. Kill them.

Find the Temple of Hantai. Looks like it has been recently cleaned, and there is some fruit left here as an offering. Meet some monks. Head monk is called Sheeba Kita. Old elderly and frail, though look like they are capable of defending themselves.

Fujiko searches the catacombs using magic. Finds a spirit of a SHugenja called Bauyong. Also met guy in badger mask who we have been following - called Diotzu Rizamun. He asked about the Empress' tomb. Maybe he knows why we are here, maybe he was bluffing.

Strange black people turn up at the temple - four of them, one injured. Have shields and scimitars. Leader is called Chalchihuitl (Shalshiweatel?). Had been attacked by a number of big spider oni. One of them attacks the temple, but Hirami Aki and I fight it off with arrows. It had tried to bash in the door, and left some icky acid stuff on the door.

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