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Prophecies of Uikku

Certain of his prophecies relate to the Clan War, but it is interesting that there are others which relate to other times. Those related to the Clan Wars have been fulfilled.

Daidoji Uji has several of these other prophecies. We were told to go talk to him by the Emperor.

  • A stranger will hold their sword and choose their destiny.
  • An ancient bloodline mars their future.
  • Dreams of past victory will blind them to their lost honour.
  • Lost in their dreams, they will fail by acting.
  • The wanderers will fall in war against their shadowed kin.
  • They drink deep the poison they pored for others and know shame.
  • They will loose their way through too much knowledge.
  • Your ancient unacknowledged foe plans their final flight and fight.
  • What they seek to save will seal their fate.

They are thought to refer one each to a great clan and one to a hidden enemy or hidden friend.

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