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Utaku Bortai

A Unicorn Battle Maiden, Bortai is a tall, moderately attractive Samurai known for her love of large weapons.

Bortai's home is in Shiro Utaki Shojo (Battle Maiden Castle), and it was here that she was trained as a Samurai. She has a great love of the outdoors, and the freedom that comes from riding her horses across the open lands of the Unicorn. She also has a curiosity about lands outside of Rokugan - about where her clan went to during it's travels outside the Empire.

Her favoured weapon is her no-dachi, an Utaku Saddle Cutter blessed by the kami. She also carries a hair pin that is able to change into a Katana on command. This is worn at all times, and has not yet been noticed by anyone, even in the presence of the Emperor.

After saving the life of the Empress from an assassin, the Emperor made her an Emerald Magistrate.

She is now far outside of Rokugan, seeking the Khan of the Golden Horde.

Her journal is available.

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