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2011/10/17 - A Trolling We Will Go

We are at the villa of Flavious Attius, where we enjoy of meal of fresh steak and fine wine.

During this feast, a group of travellers turn up, their leaders introduce themselves as: Wolfwin Stanmyerson Wetheard Affel Frynson Skald Seoca Aed Stanson

The Skald delivers a message:

Far have we travelled; Wave-born and weary
On the Whale Road; Storm-tossed and searching
Words to bring; songful and sorrowful
Bindings to bring; needful and necessary
Lost is Friediger; Killed in his feasting
Lost are his housecarls; killed in their rejoicing
Taken is Siglinde; Golden and valorous
Come has the Curse; Darkness and Shadows
Wrathful is Fritgern; Mighty in battles
Great is his anger; ravens are feeding
Wrathful is Froya; Wise of Council
Cast are her Runes; read are the omens
Called is the Ynglinga; Odin born hero
Called are his Guest-friends; chance-bound to glory 
Bound are you now; by oaths freely given
Exile is ending; Soldiers are singing

King Friediger's hall was attacked, and he and his men were slain. His daughter Siglinde was taken by the attackers. They have come here seeking aid from 'friends'. Somehow, Caradoc signs us up as 'friends'. It is going to involve a long journey across the sea to Norway.

We equip with warm clothing, and take a longship up the Seine, pass Denmark and across the sea to Norway, where we come to the Hall of Fritgern.

Dressing in armour, a group of us head into the town to the Hall. Us, Sigurn, Aquilla and the Skald are met by an elderly man with a grey beard leaning on a staff. He welcomes us, and leads us into the hall. Inside are two chairs, one empty and on the other is a 30/40 something woman with long golden hair, wearing a golden diadem and feeding a raven.

The man welcomes us to the Hall of Fritgern, and says that Froya wishes to speak to us. The woman stops feeding eyeballs to her Raven, and offers us mead, and tells us a story.

Fritgern is currently away fighting the Saxons, and during this time the Jotun came. The Jotun bought the darkness and trolls. Then there is feasting and wenching. Most of us stay relatively sober, except for Tywydd.

At night, we can see the burning column of the fire mountain and the glows of the rainbow bridge.

In the morning we are provided with ponies (the horses here aren't very big) and squires. The squires don't speak Cymric, so it's going to be fun trying to communicate.

Froya speaks to us. They are cursed because of kinslaying in the past, and the gods now send doom upon them. Athanaric was the Odin born hero, who went into self imposed exile rather than engage in kin-slaying.

We head north, through wooded foothills. At the end of the 2nd day, as we cross a valley, we can see three huge figures - warty and grey of skin. They are trolls. There is a brief, viscious battle but we are victorious. Some of us use special 'Toll Spears', but I stick to my sword.

In the morning we stop somewhere to buy some 'Troll Hounds' - big dogs useful for hunting trolls.

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