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Atharian Republic

The Atharian Republic formed early in the first millennium following the First Devastation, and became the greatest of the human empires. Around 900 AD it started to be ruled by a single Emperor, and controlled most of Eyressia.

By the Second Devastation, it's trade routes collapsed and unable to pay its armies it pretty much collapsed, holding onto some lands around the capital of Athar itself in Velnitia.

By around 1300 AD, it had begun to rebuild itself, but suffered a catastrophe when the city of Athar was struck by the Blight. The capital moved to Tannos, and shortly after the senate took full control, returning Atharia back to being a Republic.

Now it controls lands around the Middle Sea.



The originating country of the Republic was Velnitia itself, which is part of the northern coast of the Middle Sea. It is a rich and populous land, highly civilised with little in the way of actual wilderness. Cities, towns and villages can be found all across it.

To the north it becomes hilly and mountainous, to the south and west it is fertile low lands with a few hills and forests to break the monotony. The climate is often warm and dry, though has just enough rainfall for agriculture.

To the east the land slopes down to the Dead Marshes, a region of salt marsh and fens that subtly merge into the Zemoan Sea.


Zemoa is a mountainous land of city states that were one of the first regions conquered by Atharia within a hundred years of the founding of the Republic, around 700 AD. A lot of philosophy and knowledge comes from Zemoa, and the rise of their first city states dates to around 200 AD.

The mountainous nature of the land made it difficult for the Elves to gain full control, and they actually traded with the Dwarves for many centuries.


Between Velnitia and Zemoa, Kroth is often seen as the border of civilisation by the Republic. It is the furthest north that it is safe to go without running into barbarians. The land is hilly and dry, and a lot of food is imported into its largest cities from both Novgor and the rest of the Republic.

Major Religions


Patron god of the republic, god of leadership and civilisation. Most paladins follows Solomus. There is a law that the largest temple in a city must be to Solomus, both in size and number of priests. There cannot be more temples of any other single god, then there are temples to Solumus within a city. A city must have a temple of Solomus if it is to be classed as a city (which gives it the legal right to collect taxes itself, and take a cut before passing them back to the capital).


Goddess of motherhood.


Goddess of healing and love, protection. Has a paladin cult.

Other Gods

  • Jailira - The Huntress
  • Jaohl - Law and judgement
  • Mathus - Knowledge and magic
  • Akthos - War
  • Taila - Assassins
  • Tharos - Craftsmen
  • Ix - Destruction, decay, undead.
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