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A history of humanity, especially the Atharian Republic.

Age of Serpents

Pre-history, when the serpentfolk, also known as the Eldar, ruled the world. It is said to have lasted over ten thousand years, though the lack of any actual writings makes that difficult to confirm.

Age of Elves

From the arrival of the Elves to the Devastation. Again, the lack of writing at this time, and therefore any historical records, makes this a guess. The Elves claim this date for their arrival, but they are considered an unreliable source.

5,000 BD

The Elves arrive, repel the Elders and enslave humanity themselves.

3,000 BD

Kingdom of Asokk makes a deal with the elves for a sort of independence.

500 BD

Athar becomes a prominent slave centre, controlled by the Elves. A Stone Grove is planted here.

Age of Humans

With both the Eldar and the Elves defeated, it is time for humanity to forge their own destiny in the world.

The Dark Time

The first centuries after the Devastation are known as the Dark Time. There is only vague information from this period, but it is when most human nations started to form.

The Devastation is invoked by humans in the cult of Ix. The Elven world trees are destroyed.

235 AD

A small temple to the god Solomus is built in Zemoa. It is the first temple to this god built by humans.

The Dawn Time

350 AD

Zemoan priests arrive in Athar, and build a temple to Solomus there. It turns out to be quite popular, and within 50 years displaces the priesthood of Ix as the dominant religion there.

450 AD

Republic of Athar is formed, as the city conquers several neighbouring states. Begins the formation of its permanent legions under Cassius Avidius Laenas.

475 AD

Completes conquering of Velnitia. Makes a pact with the dwarves of Dahlk.

523 AD

Begins series of wars against Kroth.

531 AD

Makes peace with Zemoa, forming an alliance.

539 AD

Conquers Kroth, and wipes out the central power base of the priesthood of Ix.

554 AD

Starts conquering the border states around the Middle Sea.

598 AD

Conquers most of Galcia.

649 AD

Republic of Athar declares the pacification of Novgor to be complete.

716 AD

The Atharian general Amulius Ulpius Olennius gains power and influence through the conquering of the eastern lands, and declares himself Emperor. The Atharian Empire is formed.

1,000 AD

Lesser Devastation. The Tarrasque returns, ravaging across central Eyressia.

The Second Millenium

1,059 AD

Capital of Atharian Empire is moved from Athar to Tannos.

1,122 AD

Atharian Empire becomes the Atharian Republic, with the removal of the last Emperor.

1,437 AD


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