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It makes sense then that the most powerful and influential of the gods in the Republic of Atharia is the god that aligns himself to the needs of the ruling classes. Solomus is the god of leadership and civilisation, and looks after the needs of the rich and important people of the Republic. He has a broad set of aspects because he became powerful enough to be able to get away with doing so.

The laws of the Republic have been written to give him a major advantage. Any settlement that wants to class itself as a city (which grants it the right to collect, and retain, taxes) must have a temple of Solomus. Not only that, but that temple must also be the largest temple in the city. Further, no single god can have more temples than there are temples to Solomus. These rules ensure that the worship of Solomus is far reaching throughout the Republic.

The temples of Solomus are large stone buildings, painted in bright colours of red and gold, and decorated with images and statues of both great leaders and great warriors.

His major aspects are leadership, trade and protection. The first helps keep the Republic politically stable, the second helps the Republic in being financially wealthy, and the third gives aid to its legions to aid in military defence.

Solomus was ‘discovered’ after the Devasation which broke the power of the elves and led to the formation of the human led civilisation. His priests worked hard to bring nations together, and also see to the defence of settlements as their paladin orders were formed. He is therefore quite recent as gods go, but has grown to become one of the most influential around the Middle Sea.

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