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Raider Fleet

The raider fleet consists of small craft, mostly in the mass range of 20 to 30, and for the most part are converted civilian craft. They have fragile or weak hulls, often with armour (little more than plates of metal welded onto the hull) added for extra protection.

Apart from a couple of pulse torpedoes, there are no weapons larger than class 2 beam batteries. Basically, it is low tech, crewed and maintained by people without access to the latest military hardware, or even decent docks in which to perform repairs. Most weapon systems are reusable - raiders cannot afford to throw their weapons away.

Recently, a new type of pirate fleet has been encountered out on the rim. These are better equipped and better organised than previous pirate groups. They are known as the Ravagers.

Raider Ships


Light raider

1400 tonnes

Weak (Hull Integrity 3)

1 Officer, 2 ratings

A small, fast raider craft, outfitted with two class one beam batteries, and a small cargo hold. It has both atmospheric and FTL capability, making it possible for it to operate out of anywhere.


Needle destroyer

1800 tonnes

Fragile (Hull Integrity 2)

1 Officer, 3 ratings

Based around the hull of a luxury yacht, the Dart has been outfitted with armour, and two needle lasers as its primary weapons. It is not particularly popular amongst crews, for even with the armour, it has a low survivability.


Escort Frigate

2200 tonnes

Weak (Hull Integrity 4)

1 Officer, 4 ratings

The Hellbender is a heavily armed craft designed for a heavy fire support role against military frigates and Q-ships, for those time when getting the cargo is less important than getting out alive. It has reasonable durability, and good crew facilities.



2400 tonnes

Weak (Hull Integrity 5)

2 Officers, 6 ratings

The Kosmos was originally an atmospheric liner. Now equipped with two large pulse torpedo pods underslung under its wings, it has lost much of its original streamlining. For its size, it packs a powerful punch, but lacks all round weapon cover.

Pit Viper

Armed Shuttle

1400 tonnes

Fragile (Hull Integrity 1)

1 Officer, 1 rating

The Pit Viper is a small cargo shuttle, designed for short inter-system travel, from planet surface to planet surface. It has been upgraded from the original civilian version with the addition of armour, and a point defence laser.

Spirit Rider


1400 tonnes

Fragile (Hull Integrity 2)

1 Officer, 2 ratings

The Spirit Rider is a non-FTL shuttle, designed for quick atmospheric insertion. It has only half the cargo capacity of the original design, the top half of the cargo bay area now being filled by sensor and targetting systems, and a small beam battery.

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