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Imperial Navy

Captain Suka Zamajaza

Navy Intelligence, based out of Zuflucht, but met the crew at Rampart 3030 / Limon / Reft on 129-1105.

Provided them with their briefing for their first mission into the Islands.

Operation Blind Ghost

The original crew of the Perfect Stranger, part of Operation Blind Ghost run by Navy Intelligence.

Captain Mazun Arzabu Gimmini

Male Vilani, Age 52. Imperial Navy. Has command of Operation Blind Ghost, and acts as captain of the Perfect Stranger. Turned up dead at Filentred.

Pilot, high interpersonal and leadership skills, with small arms and close quarters battle training.

Cover Identity: Captain Mekhilar Uslumak Guuladag.
Captain and principle owner of the Perfect Stranger.

Commander Eneri Idler Laragii

Male Vilani, Age 35. Naval Intelligence. Infiltration specialist. Turned up dead at Filentred.

Experience with several missions performing preliminary scouting working on troublesome worlds.

Cover Identity: Edasina Lidarlakiim Lugalam Merchant navy experience, brokers trade deals and ship steward.

Lieutenant Adkhar Shemi

Male Vilani, Age 29. Imperial Navy. Ship Engineer.

Experienced with small to medium ship engines and jump drives. Gifted astrogator.

Cover Identity: Apsu Uslumak Nadiishpule Semakakushiinker
Ship’s engineer and co-pilot. 2nd owner, comes from wealthy family.

Major Iikush Marshurla Miraku

Female Vilani, Age 31. Army Intelligence.

Skilled in stealth, reconnaissance, assassination.

Cover Identity: Iimshan Isha Mijirjirjur Second engineer, gunner and supply handler.

Special Agent Nashu Shumma

Female Vilani, Age 33. Imperial Intelligence. Intelligence operative working for Imperial Intelligence.

Skilled in undercover work and investigation. Trained in extreme interrogation.

Cover Identity: Nicki Saniliixlinnara Journalist working as ship’s steward.

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