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Kiar Mythology

I never finished writing up this mythology, and since I don't run this campaign any more, I doubt very much I ever will.

The Great Masters

The kiar kingdom of Urub Utari is the most powerful of the kiar nations in Eumeria. Though sometimes beset by civil war (especially following the death of a Thar), it has been united for a long time. Those responsible for this stability are the katari (magi) of the Etol da Kati (Academy of Magic). Apart from its political and magical power though, the Etol da Kati has another principal purpose — to act as priests for the Urub Kuradas — the Great Masters.

The relationship between these powers and the kiar is somewhat strained, being akin to that of slave and master. The Urub Kuradas are all powerful. They know everything that goes on, and indeed, everything that will go on. They have a full understanding of the universe, and can predict the future to incredible accuracy. Nothing is hidden to them, and when they command, their slaves must obey. This isn‘t an obedience out of loyalty or tradition, but an obedience brought about by the fact that the kiar have no choice. It is impossible to resist the word of the Urub Kuradas.

It is said though that one day, someone will be born who can resist the call of the Urub Kuradas. Someone whose actions even they cannot predict. This person, who is known in the legends as the Tishasrathkal, will bring an end to the rule of the Urub Kuradas, and eventually lead the kiar onto the path of ultimate wisdom.

The Path of Time

The Path of Time is the chronology of events that will occur (and has occurred) in the world. It tells the story of both past and future. The full Path runs to many hundreds of pages, including the events of heroes and nations through the ages. There is much known also about the future, though this information is known only to a very select few of the Etol da Kati. What is given here, is a much shortened form, concentrating on the major aspects of the religion.

The Dawn Time

In ages past, long before the kiar even existed, lived the First Race. They were masters of magic, and of other, forbidden, arts. They ruled the world, and others like it. With a whim they could travel between worlds, roaming the skies of perpetual night seeking out knowledge.

But as with all things, this First Race came to an end. There was the Great War, which tore the race apart. Some say the War came from within, others say it was because of another Race from even more distant worlds than the First could control. Nevertheless, the Great War was almost total.

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