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Founded 1172
Destroyed 1231

In the Autumn of 1231, Ashenrise covenant was engulfed in a black storm of utter darkness. The lands around it were destroyed, and it seems to have been swallowed by the Infernal.

Historical information

What follows is historical information only. Nothing is left of Ashenrise.

Ashenrise is known throughout the Order as the covenant that was nearly destroyed by Demons. In 1185 the magi of the covenant unwittingly released Demons from the earth that rose up and killed or corrupted many of them. In the end they overcame them, but the cost to the covenant was immense. Since that time, the magi have dedicated themselves to learning about Demons and finding ways to combat them. Though they are sometimes accused of skirting close to breaking the Code of Hermes, they currently have the support of the Quaesitors in Hibernia.

Originally, Ashenrise was formed from the survivors of Tagelyn, a covenant in Wales that was attacked by the magi of Blackthorn. Blackthorn took over the caverns that Tagelyn had made their home, and still live there to this day. The survivors swore that they would someday gain vengeance on Blackthorn, and fled to Hibernia to found Ashenrise. Though none of the original magi from Tagelyn are still alive, the covenant itself remembers their oath.

Ashenrise was attacked during the Rain of Blood, but was able to fight off the demons without suffering any losses. The magi have drilled for such an eventuality for many years, and Abercio was very proud of their success.


Quaesitor Abercio ex Guernicas

Abercio is the eldest magus in Ashenrise, and also its head. As Quaesitor, he has the duty of ensuring that none of the magi's actions break the Code. He is skilled in the arts of investigation, and is 87 years old.

Julia ex Tytalus

Maga, 78. Julia is an experienced demon slayer, with a speciality in Perdo Vim. She has a number of specialist items she hands out to other magi when they go on hunting trips. She is also studying the affects of the Infernal regios, and trying to find ways to mitigate their detrimental effects.

Jacob ex Flambeau

Magus, 59. Jacob specialises in magic that doesn't require penetration of the target's magical resistance. His main speciality is Rego, with lots of Terram and Herbam.

Laetitia ex Bonisagus

Maga, 62. Laetitia has been performing experiments on the undead since the Rain of Blood, and has been granted permission to do so without restriction. She has a number of undead locked away in the covenant dungeons, and she is carefully noting their behaviour over time.

Thurendor ex Tremere

Magus, 29.

Ignacia ex Flambeau

Maga, 32.

Wilrad ex Verditius

Magus, 41. Wilrad is responsible for equipping the grogs with defensive and offensive items for use against potential threats.

Redcap Erimius ex Mercere

An ungifted Redcap.

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