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Founded 1034 AD
Closed 1231

The magi of Cliffheart covenant fled to a magical isle in the Autumn of 1231, leaving behind nothing of value. All other information on this page is for historical purposes only.

Historical Information

The magi of Cliffheart are reclusive, and dedicated to researching old legends of Ireland. They spend much time digging around in old ruins, or visiting libraries.

In 1213, one of their number, an Ex Miscellanea magus named Davious, was accussed of diabolism, and a Wizards March was declared against him. He escaped, and has not been seen since.

They were attacked by Northmen in Spring 1226.


Hadrian ex Jerbiton

He is 74 years old.

Nicea ex Miscellanea

She is 86 years old, and undead.

Florianus ex Tytalus

He is 55 years old, and undead.

Marcella ex Merinita

She is 52 years old.

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