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Season Dead
Founded 954 AD

Lombard is located in the Wicklow Mountains, near to Dublin on the east coast of Hibernia. The covenant sides with the Irish against the Normans who seek to pacify the Ireland and bring it under their control. In return, the covenant has a good supply of grogs from the local Irish militants. Though the Quaesitors in Hibernia have repeatedly told the magi to stop interfering with mundane politics, there is a lot of support for their actions amongst the other magi in Hibernia, and it would be politically difficult to move against them.

The magi of Lombard are lovers of the wilderness, and have a dislike of civilisation. They are against the encroachment of not only the Normans, but also the growth of towns and cities, especially when that growth affects magical or faerie areas.

The covenant is a fortified keep high in the mountains.

It was abandoned in 1231.

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