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Season Winter
Founded 1050 AD
Magi 6
Aura Magical

Vigil covenant is located in the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains in northern Hibernia. It was located within a magical glade that bordered a faerie forest. During the Long Day, the regio crumbled and half of the magi were lost. The covenant consisted of several buildings surrounded by a network of gardens - now, a couple of buildings still remain, though they exist in the mundane realm. The gardens are ruined, and look as if the place was hit by an earthquake.

The magi are trying to recover what they lost, but the place is no longer the luxurious place that it was. Also lost was their library, which was said to contain information on a new theory of magic. Previously, they positioned themselves as the guardians of the Order, now they can barely survive.


The elder magi of the covenant, Krald ex Criamon, Arch Magus Vixen ex Merinita and Odirion ex Merinita are all dead.

Malthus ex Bonisagus

With the death of the elder magi, Malthus has taken charge of the rebuilding of the covenant. He was lured here by the promise of being able to work on a new theory of Hermetic magic, and for the last twenty years, has leaked out hints that what he has been shown by Vixen and Odirion could be the next big breakthrough. He was born in 1130, and was originally from Dragon's Cage Covenant in the Normandy Tribunal.

Stephen ex Mercere

An aging non-gifted Redcap, who spends most of his time on the continent, taking messages to a number of esteemed Bonisagus magi.

Nona ex Miscellanea

A maga specialised in Winter magic, who was helping Vixen with her new magic. She is in her 50s.

Ciannait ex Miscellanea

A maga specialised in warding magics. She is in her 40s.

Quaesitor Octavius ex Guernicus

An elder Quaesitor, he is about 70, and close to Twilight.

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