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There is a great fire at Exeter Cathedral. Witnesses claim to have seen deformed figures dancing around the flames. The fire is blamed on King John, as a sign of displeasure from God, for not reaching accommodation with the Pope.

Magi of Libellus covenant investigate the fire, but report that they could find no sign of supernatural influences other than the Divine.


The University of Oxford is given a charter, that allows it to discipline its own members.

In an attempt to reclaim some of his lands in Normandy and Anjou, King John of England goes to war against King Phillip of France, but is defeated at Bouvines. He is forced to give up his lands on the continent except for the lands near Cherbourg.

On the 27th of July the armies of Otto IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, meet those of Phillip II of France at the River Lys. There is a fierce battle, in which Otto’s horse is wounded and carries him from the battlefield, causing his forces to flee. Otto is forced back to Brunswick.


There is a great famine in southern Iberia.

After the death of her father and mother, Berenguela becomes regent of Castile, for her younger brother Henry I.


The Virgin Mary appears to Saint Dominic in the church of Prouille in Languedoc. She presents to him the rosary.

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