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Otto IV is forced to abdicate the imperial throne, and Frederick II takes the title of Holy Roman Emperor, supported by Phillip of France and the Pope.


The Gathering of Twelve Years is held at Crintera, and all members of House Bjornaer attend.

There is a rebellion against King John in England, and many of the English Barons enter London in June to force the King to agree to their terms. They bring with them a great sickness, which strikes many of them down and the people of London rise up against them, forcing them out and securing John’s position as King of England before anything can be agreed.

The Fourth Lateran Council meets in Rome to define heresy and plan the Fifth Crusade. Many laws are enacted and refined.


There is a great storm across the north of England, bring with it giant hail stones an inch across, and much thunder and lightning.

Immanola, the Primus of Ex Miscellania has a vision of such terror that she does not recover from it, and is left unable to converse with the other magi of Cad Gadu. Ebroin ex Miscellanea calls for a declaration that Immanola is no longer fit to be Primus of the House, and demands that a new Primus be selected.


King Erik Knutsson of Sweden dies suddenly of fever, and is succeeded by King Johan Sverkersson.

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