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William Marshal dies. Hubert de Burgh becomes regent of England.

Pelagius of Albano is sent to lead the crusade, and joins the siege against Damietta where the sultan Al-Kamil was holding out.


A great army of Mongols attack Samarkand, and its people are killed, their heads are piled high into great pyramids, and the city itself is torn down. The Mongols then rampaged across the rest of the Khwarazmian Empire, burning its cities and killing its people. It is said that Demons ride with them, and that they seek the destruction of all Christendom.

Valdemar II of Denmark invades Estonia as part of the Northern Crusades against the pagan peoples there. At the battle of Lyndanisse they are almost defeated, but then a great red flag with a white cross appears in the sky above them in answer to their prayers, and falls across the battlefield. They turn the tide of battle and route the Estonians.


Otto’s siege of Frederick II is lifted when Frederick surrenders. Otto once again declares himself Holy Roman Emperor. Both Phillip II of France and Pope Honorius III declare that he has no right to claim this title and insist that he surrender himself to the decision of the Church.


The crusaders finally take the port of Damietta, though there is disagreement amongst them over who would claim the town.

During the winter nights around the time of the Solstice, ghostly figures are reported to be seen riding horses and stranger beasts through the forests of central England. It is thought to be the Wild Hunt, and after several nights they are seen no more.

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