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Giants and Nuns

Autumn, 1222

It is decided to investigate the giant footprints near Leeds. On the way, the magi investigate one of the other caves near the covenant. Inside is a small pool with a Divine aura next to which is the body of a young nun. Summoning her spirit, she identifies herself as Sister Alban. She and her sisters were beaten and defiled by bandits in late 1216. She made it as far as here before dying in the arms of the angel Eiael. Sister Alban tells Umbriel that Eiael says that it is not her fault, and that there is a hole in her mind. The dagger that killed her is still in her body, and it is an item of very high quality. Sister Alban asks that the attackers are brought to justice so that she can find peace. Maga Alicia ex Criamon tracks the owner/craftsman to York.

Getting to Leeds, there are indeed giant tracks which appeared during a great storm. The unusual flowers have a lightning motif on the petals, and are harvested by the magi for their herbam vis. They lead to a great oak tree that has been split in two by a lightning strike. Far above it, Alicia can see a strange cloud formation which appears to be a regio entrance, though they are unable to find a way to enter it.

The tracks lead from a smashed area of woodland, where a fight between a giant man and a giant bird seems to have taken place. Umbriel finds a giant feather which she keeps.

Getting back to the covenant, Alicia and Antonius find the smith who made the dagger, and determine that he was also one of the nun's attackers. He and some of his comrades have since settled down in the area. They retire to the covenant to study and decide how best to handle the situation.

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