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Magi ex Flambeau

Summer, 1224

The magus Thormod ex Flambeau of Montverte covenant in Normandy arrives at Cruentis Petram to investigate the murder of his filius, Lucius ex Flambeau of Nocte Flamma. The paren of Lucretia, Estevan of Lapis Crudus covenant is believed to be dead, lost when that covenant vanished into its regio during the Long Day.

Thormod travels with two other Flambeau, and they intend to investigate the abbey at Bullington very closely. He is grateful to the magi of Cruentis Petram for their own investigations. He tells them that he will send people to collect the deceased Flamebeau's property sometime next year, but if they wish to make copies of any books then they may do so.

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