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Summer, 1224

The magi decide to hunt down the giant bird that has been seen in the area. It is not hard to locate, following the trail of upset villagers who have lost cattle. It is nesting at Ingleborough mountain, near to where they had problems with the infernal some time ago.

Using a live sheep as bait, as well as an illusion of a really large sheep, they set a trap with themselves and their grogs laying in wait for it. When it arrives, it is a huge bird - a Roc - and definitely not native to the British Isles. It tries to grab the illusion, and is sufficiently unbalanced that the magi and grogs manage to wound it before it can begin to escape, those most of the magi are unable to overcome its magical might so as to affect it with their spells. Shale is the most effective, having had large iron spears crafted especially for the occasion, and using his magic to propel them like ballista bolts.

Vladimir ex Tytalus surprises everyone by teleporting on top of the bird, and trying to ride it. Unable to hang on, he teleports back as it begins to flee.

Surprised, injured and confused the Roc flies off, but is eventually brought down by a combination of magical attacks. The magi collect many feathers from the bird, and that evening there is much feasting on fried Roc, whilst the grogs talk amongst themselves about the mage who bravely tried to ride such a giant bird.

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