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As reported by Alfred of Gloucester ex Mercere

Cad Gadu has put out an invite to the independent magi of Stonehenge to join them at their covenant, either for a short time or permanently. They are promising to respect the freedoms of the magi that join them, whilst offering the opportunity for protection and study.

The dead body of a mermaid was found on a beach in Wales. It was recovered by the magi of Blackthorn, and seems to have been slain by weapons.

There was a great fire in Lancaster in which several townsfolk died. It was put out before it spread too far, but there are witnesses that say that it was started by a large hound that breathed fire.

Wizards War has been declared by Clorinda ex Tremere against Fianna ex Flambeau. She accuses the magi of Lombard Covenant of stealing vis sources from Cathair Covenant, and principally blames Fianna as the main instigator. It is probable that the war has resolved itself by now.

Quaesitor Abercio ex Guernicus of Ashenrise covenant in Hibernia is offering copies of his summa, A Treatise on the Infernal, to any magi interested for a cost of 10 pawns of Intelligo vis. He claims that it is the most complete work on the Infernal ever written from a Hermetic perspective.

A great sea monster has been slain by the magi of Libellus covenant. It was attacking ships in the English Channel. It was slain by a ballista crafted by Fabricor ex Verditius, used by Justin ex Tremere and Lucidia ex Flambeau.

Justin ex Tremere of Libellus covenant seeks an investigation into the actions of the hedge wizard Galvius ex Miscellanea who’s brought the Order into disrepute.


As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

There was a sea battle between ships of Norway and those of England. Norwegian longships bearing black and white sails were spotted off the coast of Norfolk, and several ships were sent out from London to meet them.

There was a grand display of shooting stars towards the end of August, and some were reported to have fallen across Iberia.

A great white dragon has taken up residence at Bergen in Norway, and appears to be taking instruction from Jarl Ulkrith. The people of Bergen are in fear of it, but the town is being turned into a fortress by the Jarl and people are forbidden from leaving.

Several covenants in Novgorod Tribunal have raised concerns about the advance of the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire, which is pushing east through the Kingdom of Poland. They have been harassed, and they fear that there are supernatural powers aiding the armies of Otto.

A savage storm has hit the Shetland Islands, which has seriously damaged Nordsjoen covenant. Abigail ex Miscellanea perished when part of the covenant collapsed. The other magi of the covenant are moving to Loch Hourn.

The King of France is calling for aid to raise an army against the Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire. The Pope Honorius III has declared Otto to be the Anti-Christ, and has called on all other Christian nations to back King Louis.

Stephen Langton has taken an army to Bullington Abbey and raised the place to the ground, declaring that it was a seat of infernal perversions and that the nuns and monks there were defiling the name of God. With the backing of the Pope and the King, he has declared that the Gilbertine Order to be stripped of its lands and authority.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

The covenant of Lochganvich has been attacked and destroyed by raiders from Iceland. Nairne ex Verditius has fled to Loch Hourn covenant, but the other residents of Lochganvich have been slain.

The villagers at Kettlewell have begun leaving offerings at the site of the ‘silver spirit’, a collapsed cave some distance outside the town. Some of them claim to have had visions of a beautiful silver haired woman near the location.

Eboris covenant in Normandy has called for aid in defeating a cult of Luciferans in Paris. They say the cult is plotting against the King, and that they have been summoning Infernal powers who they have mistaken as angels.

Mnemosyne ex Tytalus of Exspectatio covenant in Normandy has slain the younger magus Helrates ex Tytalus of Atramentum Renatus covenant in Wizard’s War. Helrates had initiated the war, challenging her over vis rights. She eviscerated his body, and dumped it outside the gate of his covenant.

The magi of Voluntas have started an extensive expansion and fortification of their covenant. Phessallia ex Merinita has said that they fear attack from the North, though were not specific in details. The magus Wayland ex Verditius and his apprentice have joined them.

The Dominion of the Holy Roman Empire has completed its conquest of Poland, and now claims that land under its domain. High Duke Leszek the White was crucified outside his castle, and his children and servants burnt on a fire before him. His wife, Grzymislawa of Luck, is believed to have escaped.

Peter de Maulay has been accused of plotting to rescue Eleanor, the Beauty of Brittany, who has some claim to the English throne being the cousin of Henry III.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

A large ship has been seen in the North Sea, sailing against the wind at considerable speed. It has a black sail, with a white six branched symbol upon it. The ship was filled with men and looked outfitted for war.

An assault has been made on the younger sisters of Henry III in London. Armed guards tried to break into their rooms in the Tower and murder the princesses, but they were held off by those loyal to them. Having failed in their task, the assailants killed themselves.

There were riots in London after Westminster was defeated in a wrestling competition. Several of the ringleaders were hung, the rest suffered mutilation in punishment.

A group of faerie women has been seen to be travelling the roads of England. A least, there have been several stories of young attractive green eyed women accompanied by men who sing their praises. The women are said to be extremely friendly, and willing to share food and bed with travellers they meet.

Two magi have suffered bad effects whilst trying to use Leap of Homecoming over long distances. Feliciana ex Flambeau was killed when pulled into an infernal regio near Lake Constance. One of her companions who travelled with her survived. Ursus ex Bjornaer was trapped in a Abyssal Regio near the Rhine border for several weeks before escaping. Several Bonisagus are investigating the matter.

The town of Wakefield was assaulted by a number of ghostly woodland creatures. In their church they had a Holy bell which was brought back from a pilgrimage. On the ringing of the bell, the ghosts were dispelled and have not been seen since.

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