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Theological Investigations

Autumn, 1231.

The magi deal with the (these days, minor) issue of demons at Ingleton. They also receive word back from Benzigotrin ex Criamon, who is partly recovered but still having dreams about bad things. Isabelle ex Jerbiton also replies, and confirms some of what Fulk had said.

Umbriel talks to both Christian and Jewish priests, trying to see if they know anything about lions and serpents, and comes up with the name of Samael, an angel of death. The season is spent in much discussion, as well as some learning of Divine Lore from Zephon.

With help from Adric ex Bonisagus, they also get some partial agreement from Heliobus Magister ex Bonisagus at the Pyramids covenant in the Levant, and Lumen ex Jerbiton at Schola Pythagoranis to help with ancient texts, since both understand Coptic.

The Redcap Praela also brings the magi a letter from Ingrat ex Merinita, a maga of Blackthorn covenant. The magi also know however that she is actually the demon Melusine, and mother of King Henry III of England.

To the magi of Cruentis Petram,

My Sodalis, though we never had the opportunity to personally talk during the times you visited us here at Blackthorn covenant, I have heard much about you, as I am certain that you have heard much about me. It is not as a member of the covenant of Blackthorn that I write to you now though, and neither is it as a member of the House of Merinita. Instead, I write to you as a mother.

Times are changing, and the balance of power in this world is shifting. We believe that it has reached a tipping point, and there is opportunity to affect which way the world eventually tips. The Blind God is moving, and my sources indicate that you may be aware of some of his activities already, and of the influences that could be brought to bare against him. There are those that are willing to work with you again to ensure that matters progress in a direction which is beneficial to all of us.

Though you may not entirely share all our goals, it is our belief that we all have some shared desires and that we could potentially work together to achieve them.

For this reason, I request a meeting. In London, on the evening of 25th December at the church of St Edmund the King on Lombard Street.

Please be there. There are those that would very much wish to talk to you.

Ingrat ex Merinita, Blackthorn Covenant, MCCXXXI

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