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1234 (Epilogue)

<< 1233

The Infernal aura that blighted Mythic Europe has been swept away, to be replaced by a strong magical aura. Over the following year, the aura fades, but outside of towns and cities Magical or Faerie auras still dominate the wilderness. And there is a lot of wilderness.

The lands of Normandy and the Rhine are quickly beginning to recover, but they are almost empty of people. The undead have now been granted rest, though their ghosts linger on - as do the ghosts of those demons and souls evicted from Hell.

The infernal has no sway in Mythic Europe now, but it is still present, and Hell, though now empty, will soon begin to fill again as what were demons and sinners begin to sin again. Currently though, there are no supernatural powers trying to actively corrupt the souls of the living.

In the far north, Mephistopheles rules as a power of Magical nature. His kingdom is one of snow and ice, and he is setting himself up as a northern god. In Rome, Belial is another of the old Demon Princes who is now Magical. Like Mephistopheles, he is a creature of Law and Order, and seeks control of the centre of civilisation as it is rebuilt.

As for the Order, some things are different. All of House Criamon are gone - believed to have left this world some time before the change, possibly vanishing into Final Twilight, if not realms beyond that.

House Tremere is almost entirely destroyed. They allied with the Demi-urge, and the broking of his power base also broke them. The seat of the Order in the Rhine has been destroyed, and power has shifted to Doissetep, which has survived mostly unscathed.

Those magi of the wilderness, the Merinita and Bjornear have probably fared the best, for they now have plenty of wilderness to play in, and no longer near to fear the encroaches of civilisation.

It will be many years before the Order rebuilds itself into whatever it is to become,

In the east though, on the shores of the Black Sea, there is a dark tower surrounded by gardens of beauty. None can approach it safely, but what is left of the Demi-urge dwells there. It is possibly the last Infernal power left, but its true nature is not yet known.

Finally, there is one voice telling a story of a young woman who was a beacon of light in the darkness, who now dwells in the dark tower as Samael's bride. She can still be a path to salvation, if only her story is not forgotten.

<< 1233

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