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Season Autumn
Founded 1014
Magi 6
Aura Magical
Aegis 30

The central core of the covenant is underground, built on the site of an ancient temple of Mercury, an entrance to which can be found at the Inn of the Silver Rooster. However, the magi live throughout the city, in order not to draw attention to themselves. They have strict rules on allowing their presence to be known, and also have special legal authority over any magi who enter their city.

Details on how to contact individual magi can be obtained from local Redcaps.


Matlus ex Jerbiton

Matlus is the undead Praeco of Iberia, and though is considered to be part of Barcelona covenant lives outside of the city, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. He is noted for his long rambling monologues, which contain many pearls of wisdom on Hermetic matters if the reader has the patience to read them.

His undead state has caused a bit of a problem, and the Quaesitors are trying to figure out whether he should remain as Praeco.

Farusca ex Jerbiton

The maga Farusca is the Head of the covenant. She spends much of her time in the covenant itself, and all visitors to Barcelona are required to report to her upon entering the city. She is in her 60s, but looks twenty years younger.

Carles ex Jerbiton

Carles runs a bookshop called Books of the Eye, and has the symbol of an evil eye emblazoned on the door of the shop. He is a somewhat arrogant, thin man in his eighties.

Franc Severel ex Jerbiton

Franc Several is an old magus, over 100 years old. He is paranoid about mundane people finding out who he is, and generally keeps his alter-ego secret from visiting Magi.

Agorsila ex Jerbiton

She is the filia of Matlus ex Jerbiton. She still works for him, living outside of the city with him, trying to collect together his works since she considers them to be of high importance.

Redcap Cybele ex Mercere

The Redcap Cybele is stationed in Barcelona. She lives in a town house near the main gate, which has a shopfront selling small artistic wares. Several of them have been made by Carles.

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