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Isla de Encanta

Founded 2012
Magi 4
Aura Faerie

Located on the island of Ibiza, the covenant of Isla de Encanta is made up of an unusual alliance of Merinita and Flambeau magi. It is based in an enchanted grove on the south side of the island, where the magi live alongside the mundane covenfolk. Those who serve at this covenant, both male and female, are chosen for their looks and all have a young appearance. The local rumour is that if you are chosen to serve here then you are blessed with ten years of physical pleasures in exchange for light work, and after that your spirit is given up to faerie.


Aeval ex Merinita

The maga Aeval is the head of this covenant. She has the appearance of a beautiful young woman, often dressed in white robes which tend to shift in translucency and colour according to her emotions.

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