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The Pyramids

Season Spring
Founded 1178
Magi 12
Aura Magical

The magi here are mostly Ex Miscellanea, and they are all cultists of Thoth and Anubis, and several of them are practitioners of Hermetic Geometry. It consists of a number of tents and other temporary accommodations around the Pyramids, though several sanctums are within the Pyramids themselves.


Heliobus Magister ex Bonisagus

The only properly Hermetic magus in the covenant, he effectively founded it as a covenant of the Order. He is a specialist in researching magic of the Levant, and has much Hermetic and Academic knowledge of the region, including languages and ancient writings.

Sehotep ib Inepu

Djehuti Hotep

Djehuti Cheperuw

Sat Djehuti

Meret Djehuti

Non-hermetic Maga, priestess of Thoth. In her 30s, she has much knowledge of the magic places of Egypt. She is a practitioner of geometric magic.

Djehuti Aha

Cheper Baw Inepu

Nebet en Medw Necher

Inet en Inepu

Hekait Inepu

Tepher Hem-necher Inepu

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