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Mac Gruagach

Season Winter
Founded 988
Symbol Otter's head
Magi 3
Aegis 40

The clan of Mac Gruagach has been associated with pictish Gruagach magi for a long time, and they pre-dated the war with Damhan-allaidh in 814. It joined the Order in 988 and embraced the Hermetic style of magic.

In 1216, it's most senior magi Calum Mac Lachlan and Nechtan Dubh (both Gruagachs) and Domnhull Beg ex Bonisagus died. A year later, Aonghus Lamh Iarran ex Miscellanea was killed in a battle with sluagh. Fearghus now runs the covenant.


Mungan Mor ex Miscellanea

Mungan is a magus specialised in animal magic. He is in his 70s. He prefers the company of animals to humans.

Mairi Sean ex Miscellanea

Mairi is a Greek maga which is specialised in spirit summoning. She has an owl familiar and an apprentice Diana nam Grechanach, a greek girl from the Isle of Boetia. She is in her 60s.

Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea

He has dedicated his arts to combating the slaugh. He has taken it upon himself to become the leader of what remains of the covenant.

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